What Is The Purpose Of Cadastral Survey?

A cadastre is a form of recording of properties of the real estates within the country. Similarly, the cadastral surveys are used as the way to establish the boundaries of the real properties so that these could be given to the owner. The person who performs the cadastral survey is known as the cadastral surveyor and he must know to apply the legal and the spatial measurements. There ae some other principles associated with the cadastral surveys as well.

Principles of the cadastral survey:

There are stages in determining the boundary of the property in the cadastral survey and the first of which is the resurvey, this is the stage in which the collection of document is performed, the owner provides all of the documentation of that particular real estate property. One of the important documents is the deed description in which there are maps attached of the adjoining properties, utility maps and any other related records which could be used in this surveying. These deed documents may not have all the information required but the information which is available can be located by the recorder’s office of the government. Although every state has its own rules and principles for finding these.

The second stage after the collection of the documents is the organization and analysis of the documents to determine and identify any errors. When all the required information from these documents are gathered then the cadastral surveys start in which the boundary of the property is marked using the iron pipes, iron pins, metal survey markers. When this is done, then the traverse around is performed in which the property is measured including all the boundary related information such as the fence, walls, walks and other such things. The data calculated is then compared to the data which was originally present in the government record.

Cadastral survey is an art of its own kind:

It is common for the properties in many states and countries to have wrongly calculated, surveys, and boundary assessments and this is the reason why cadastral surveys are done to ensure that the boundaries and measurements are correct. It is quite a challenging task for the surveyor because in most of the cases the data is incomplete or not present or have gaps in it. It is the duty of the surveyor to make sense of this data and connect the missing pieces of the puzzles. There are set of procedures which are defined for various calculations related to cadastral surveys and usually even an experienced surveyor needs to perform this multiple times and make corrections as he goes by since there is a high chance of errors in these measurements.